How can I reach the hotels from the airport?
Public transportation is available from the airport.

Is there an airport transfer service?
We do arrange airport transfer service, chargeable from between S$35-$140 (depending on the number of passengers and luggage and the time). The service is only available upon request and the booking of the service must be at least five working days in advance, (excluding Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays), subject to availability.

Are the hotels nearby to Orchard Road and the Central Business District?
All the hotels are within 15 minutes driving distance to Orchard Road and the Central Business District.

What are the facilities in the room?
All guestrooms are air-conditioned with attached bathroom (with heater and WC), 20" color TV, hot beverage-making facility with complimentary drinks and IDD telephone.

Is breakfast provided?
Our hotels do not provide breakfast, but eating outlets are easily available within walking distance.

Are the rates quoted inclusive of service charge?
All rates quoted are inclusive of goods and services tax.




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Book Direct & Enjoys Exclusive Perks at Hotel 81

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